Tips & Tricks for getting "the look"

Here are some of my favorite tips for choosing and styling your photoshoot clothing- because that's often the most stressful part!

My biggest tip for choosing your outfit(s) is to dress appropriately for the weather, terrain, and season. Washington state is about as indecisive as it gets when it comes to weather, so be sure to pack some boots and a rain jacket if at all possible!

Things to avoid:

  • Avoid bright /neon colors
  • Avoid distracting patterns that are super bold
  • Avoid black tops if possible, or bring a lint roller (if I know my client will be wearing a black top, especially a sweater, I'll bring a lint roller)
  • Avoid vertical stripes
  • Avoid big watches (I can't tell you how many Apple Watches I've been asked to photoshop out!), chunky bracelets, etc.
  • Avoid matching each other

Things that work well in photographs:

  • Wearing neutral colors – white, cream, grey, tan, black, dusty blue, caramel, BUT there are neutrals of every color!
  • Check out Pinterest for more detailed outfit ideas and outfits that compliment each other!
  • Bring comfortable shoes, or a backup pair of shoes to wear while we walk to the specific location